Fractional CMOs For Your Business Growth

Fractional CMOs For Your Business Growth


A fractional CMO is an external marketing professional who fills the position of a chief marketing officer (CMO), saving your company the cost of a full-time internal CMO. They come prepared with the agility, knowledge, and experience required to manage different marketing teams that are the right size and stage of development to deliver the results a company needs.

A Good Fractional CMO can:

  • Make difficult positioning choices

  • Launch a global channel program (VARs, OEMs, ODMs, ISVs)

  • Move your brand upmarket and build an enterprise ABM system

  • Optimize your brands

  • Build an effective influencer marketing capability

  • Organize regular customer or partner events

  • Turn your content marketing into an organic “growth flywheel”:

  • Manage your current vendors to ensure optimal ROI

  • Coordinate a “big splash event” such as a product launch

  • Raise a B or C round of financing

Every successful sports team has one thing in common, and your business is no different. Without a strategy, your company is probably doing too many things. You’re running in five directions simultaneously, forcing you not to move at all.

It doesn’t matter if your business relies on content marketing, paid ads, or word-of-mouth; you need more execution happening more often. By hiring a fractional CMO, you can invest in the right tacticians at the right time to meet the growth objectives you set for the whole company