What Is a Fractional Chief Operating Officer and Why Do You Need One?

What Is a Fractional Chief Operating Officer and Why Do You Need One?

Apprentice.Second-in-command.Assistant leader Depending on the organizational structure of the company, each of these titles could refer to the same function by hiring a fractional chief operating officer.

A fractional chief operating officer (COO) for agencies can help smaller agencies get the leadership they need for strategic operations and delay the need for expensive executive hiring until they grow to a larger size.

Let`s look at the benefits of hiring a fractional COO.

  • Consider risks and gaps as you create plans to reinforce or change course.

  • Update systems for effectiveness, expansion, and smooth client experiences.

  • Develop new technologies to aid in the development of your business.

  • Adjust internal daily processes to ease congestion.

  • Create benchmarks and strategic strategies for scaling and growth that are sustainable.

  • Implement the CEO`s and founder`s vision.

It`s a perfect yin and yang partnership that helps small businesses realize their desired future state.

It`s crucial to find a fractional COO who will fit in well. And it`s critical to objectively evaluate the needs of your business`s requirements and the COO`s style, personality, capabilities, and shortcomings to identify who will be a fantastic fit. It is more crucial to decide what traits you are looking for in a fractional COO rather than just hiring someone with a particular degree because fractional COOs can come from various backgrounds, industries, and levels of education and experience.

Key indicators that your company needs to hire a fractional chief operating officer:

  • You`re prepared to grow, but you`re aware that your business won`t be able to scale smoothly under your current operations.

  • Despite your growth, you lack the human resources necessary to complete all the tasks, staff all the divisions, or conduct critical business.

  • There are problems with the delivery, the client experience, or the internal processes.

  • You cannot create long-term strategic plans since you`re too busy delivering.

  • It would be best if you had assistance carrying out your company`s strategic plan.

  • We can identify an excellent fit when your business is ready for a fractional COO.

An excellent fractional COO is process-driven and has a track record of helping companies scale similar in size or offering to your own. Your business is ready to grow, and you need a  fractional COO to take responsibility for all marketing endeavors.